We participate in the creation of a forest park

The observation tower Doubravka, now under construction, is part of larger project The Way to Doubravka. We strive to revitalize the entire Čihadla forest park in Prague 14.

The observation tower is the core of an extensive project The Way to Doubravka, which will gradually include a number of elements of small landscape architecture as well as of sports or leisure activities. And last but not least, it will also include the playground and relaxation zones in the new residential area of Rajský vrch, which our company has been involved in from its inception.

The Way to Doubravka project considers a gradual re-generation of hiking trails, cycling trails and other routes. The project will also include the installation of many elements of small architecture, the creation of relaxation or picnic spots or refreshment facilities right next to Doubravka itself.

At the same time, the district is preparing a proposal for a long-term development of this valuable natural recreation zone. One of the key landmarks will be the planned sports complex at Ocelkova Street, created by re-generation of unused spaces

.The Čihadla park is to be gradually transformed into one of the most attractive recreation areas in Prague, ideal for families, skaters, cyclists, joggers or lovers of (not only urban) nature. We are a proud partner of the whole project, which will serve all the inhabitants of Prague in the future.

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