Doubravka observation tower

In the mid of 2018, the much anticipated Doubravka observation tower was open to the public in the Čihadla forest park, within sight of the Rajský vrch project. Our company is a proud investor in this unique project. On completion of the tower, we will be handing it over as a gift to the Prague 14 city district.

The name of the observation tower was chosen by its designer Prof. Martin Rajniš with his team at Huť architecture; he has imprinted on it a distinctive and original structure dominated by three massive legs 98 steps will lead up to the top of the tower with its viewing platform 20 metres up.

The main tower will reach up 23.5 metres thanks to the weather vane, the construction costs coming to 3 million crowns. The tower will be open all year round, free of charge.

You too can support this project, by making a gift of your own inscription on the staircase .More information, including a list of steps already sold or still available, can be found here.