About Landia

Landia Management s.r.o. is a purely Czech engineering and investment company focusing on residential, development and leisure facility projects in Prague: from the initial idea, through concept and project documentation development, the legislative process to the implementation and sale or rental of products to final clients.

We create a high-quality environment for living, not just for housing. From the outset, we monitor public interest and relations in the locations we focus on. This is a guarantee of a sustainable life and functionality of the projects and of the entire residential environment.

Our projects include the re-generation of public spaces, including landmarks (e.g. observation towers) as well as the promotion of community life .We are not interested only in the buildings but also in their surroundings and the life inside and around them. Nevertheless, each project starts with duly addressing the land property rights, the project costs and with a consistent dialogue with all relevant authorities.

We have been acting as a long-standing partner of public and local administrations for urban and location development projects, including urban planning of entire town districts.

The logical outcome is the cooperation with leading city planners and architects such as KNESL + KYNČL ARCHITEKTI, LOXIA or KAAMA studios. This cooperation is perceived to be the basis of long-term sustainability of our projects and of continued attractiveness of the locations we have been involved in.

We support

Our commitment is evidenced by our supporting a range of activities and projects. Some of them are implemented together with our clients. These include:

  • Cycling at Rajský vrch (photo gallery here)
  • Celebration of Trees on Rajský vrch (photo gallery here)
  • The Way to Doubravka project in Prague 14 (Facebook page)
  • Playground on Rajský vrch
  • Contribution to playground and new alley in Prague-Lysolaje
  • Supporting the establishment of a nursery school in Prague 18
  • Cultural and social events in Prague 6
Our partners

Each successful project completion is the result of synergy between all partners involved. We thank our partners for contributing to our success.