Palmovka One

The project with the working title Palmovka One, which will rise directly above the Palmovka metro station on Na Žertvach Street, will offer around 300 apartments and 6,000 m2 of commercial space. It will form the basis for the transformation of the entire area.

One and two-room apartments will be dominant among more than three hundred apartments. For the retail part we expect to locate a large supermarket, restaurants, cafes and especially services.

In addition to the project itself, we will also participate in revitalising the surrounding area. The plan is to revive the Dolní Libeň railway station, the area around the Palmovka synagogue, Bohumil Hrabal Square and more.

The construction will also enable the creation of a transport junction for public transport, where comfortable and safe routes for pedestrians will also be built. The great advantage is the direct connection to the metro. This is followed by connection to the tram and two bus lines. There will be new facilities for electric buses and trolleybuses along with facilities for drivers and passengers.

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